Family Holds Vigil for Missing Orange County Teenager

14-year-old Jackie Martinez disappeared on October 30th while getting Halloween candy.

When she first disappeared, Jackie Martinez’ family assumed she’d be back in a matter of hours.

The 14-year-old left her parents’ home on Cerritos Avenue in Anaheim on Oct. 30 to go candy shopping, and later meet up with a 15-year-old boy.

When she didn’t return, they thought she was just caught up in some pre-Halloween excitement.
The 15-year-old boy “said he never met up with Jackie,” said Cristal Martinez, Jackie’s sister. “I went and talked to him and I believe him.”

Jackie’s mother, Rosa Martinez, said her daughter would go everywhere with her. But as the days passed, she feared Jackie was no longer able to communicate.

There was a single text message Halloween morning.

“She texted my brother and said she’d be home at night, Monday night,” Cristal Martinez said. “But we’ve heard nothing since then.”

The Martinez family is now reaching out to friends and parents of her soccer team.

They held a vigil Friday night and posted information on Facebook, hoping photos of the 8th grade Girl Scout will jog someone’s memory.

Twelve days have passed and her family continues to hope whatever drew the girl away might also bring her back.

“My gut feeling is, I don’t think she’s hiding,” said Danielle Canal, Martinez’ cousin. “I think someone has her and they’re not letting her go.”

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