Vikings Wanted: Tahoe Resort Issues Casting Call

RENO, Nev. -- Wanted: Man or woman with an ax, turkey leg and horned helmet. Plundering and hedonistic tendencies optional.

A ski resort at Lake Tahoe with Norwegian roots has issued a video casting call for three men and/or women to play the role of Vikings who will be featured in a national print and Web-based ad campaign. The three winners also get a prize worth more than $1,000.

"We are seeking outrageous applicants for an outrageous campaign that reflects our Scandinavian heritage," said Kay Williams, general manager of Granlibakken -- which is Norwegian for "hillside sheltered by fir trees"

"Introverts or people who oppose furry boots and working with theatrical battle axes need not apply," she said.

Applicants have until April 15 to qualify for the contest by uploading a 60 to 90-second video entry at Granlibakken's YouTube page.

Ben Fagan, a 6-foot-5 architect from South Lake Tahoe, Calif., played the role of a Viking in a 90-second video spot intended to attract applicants who might be more willing than usual to consider trying out given the tough economic times.

"Greetings, sons and daughters of Eric," Fagan says. "Tired of pillaging and plundering? Looking for adventure? Looking for a job?

"Send us your best Viking video whether you're reading the runes, raiding a neighboring country or out for a sail in your longboat. If you resemble Hagar the Horrible or a Helga, so much the better," he said.

"While not required, Norse god and goddess traits are highly desirable -- long, flowing hair, handle bar mustache, robust physique and especially hedonistic tendencies," the add concludes.

In addition to a two-day all expenses paid visit to the resort for a photo shoot, the three winning Vikings will receive $1,000 cash and a five-night stay at the resort.

Resort officials will select their 10 favorite videos and invite those creators to in-person auditions by media judges, who will narrow the field to the top five. Two of those will be chosen as Vikings and the third will be selected by a vote of the public.

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