Violent Fast Food Robberies Worry Police

Seven crimes in just over a month may be linked to one suspect

The LAPD is warning residents in the northeastern part of the city about an armed robber who seems to be targeting fast food restaurants and other small establishments. 

There have been seven similar robberies since December 9, all in either Highland Park, Cypress Park or Lincoln Heights.

"What concerns us is that the suspect has resorted to violence, bodily force," said Capt, William Murphy of LAPD Northeast Division.  "What also concerns us is the majority of these incidents have occurred in the PM hours, between 4 to 10 PM, and they are occurring at retail and fast food restaurants such as a McDonald's or Burger King and during that time frame, families can go there and be purchasing food, so this concerns us greatly that this could escalate into some violence and someone could get hurt."

The suspect has displayed a gun in some of the robberies, but so far he hasn't used it. But because of his violent behavior, police are concerned that his methods could change.

Police believe he may live in the Highland Park area. In one robbery he kicked the clerk several times.

"This is just information we want to put out to the public because of the severity, we don't want it to escalate," said LAPD Detective Miguel Barajas. "We're just basically asking for assistance, and hopefully somebody knows who this guy is and someone can provide us with some information."

If you have information, you're asked to call LAPD Crime Stoppers, at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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