Step Into the World of Virtual Reality at the LA Convention Center

Virtual reality will take over Los Angeles this weekend as the VRLA Expo brings in all of the industry’s up-and-coming technology to the LA Convention Center.

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VRLA comes to Los Angeles
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VRLA will feature a variety of games and projects in development from Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and others.
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In addition to flying in virtual reality, there will be mixed-reality ATVs visitors can use to drive.
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Unity Technologies CEO John Riccitiello, whose platform powers popular virtual and augmented reality experiences, will deliver a keynote address at the VRLA Expo on Friday, April 14.
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All aspects of virtual reality and augmented reality technology will be featured, including game engines, audio tools, 360 video hardware and software, camera technology, location-based entertainment technology, advertising, data, science, education, etc.
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In light of Easter on Sunday, VRLA will host a mixed-reality egg hunt.
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VRLA will take place at the LA Convention Center in West Hall A.
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Panels and presentations are more business and developer focused on Friday. While both days are open to the public, generally speaking, Saturday is meant for people to try out different technologies.
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VRLA is open to anyone over 7 years old, however some exhibitors may choose not to show their demos to people under the age of 13
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