‘Volcanoes 3D' Bubbling at the California Science Center IMAX

The spectacular film takes viewers thisclose to a highly active Indonesian volcano.

What to Know

  • Monday, Jan. 21 opening
  • $8.95 adult (non-member)
  • Three showtimes daily

Even if your feisty friend is said to have the personality of a volcano, spoiler alert, they're not an actual volcano.

Likewise, if you order a dessert called The Volcano, one that oozes chocolate, it isn't really a lava-spewing cone, nor are any school projects that charmingly replicate what a volcano might do.

Volcanoes, however, are the real volcanic deal, but approaching one, especially if it is doing that whole aforementioned lava-spewing thing, is not quite the same as approaching a dessert or science kit. 

But winging along as adventurers inch to the very edge of an active volcano? All with a camera crew in tow? And you sit in a movie theater seat?

That's lovely, or lava-ly, if you prefer, and still incredibly fascinating, while being much, much less hot.

We'll have the chance to do just that, beginning on Monday, Jan. 21 when "Volcanoes 3D: The Fires of Creation," an epic new work from SK Films, opens at the California Science Center IMAX theater.


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Viewers will join "intrepid explorer Carsten Peter... to dodge boulders at the edge of an active volcano in Indonesia, descend to a lava lake in Vanuatu and visit incredible acid ponds, geysers, and mineral deposits fields in Ethiopia."

The cost to go on this bubbling, burbling, molten-tastic journey?

A non-member adult ticket is $8.95. Less than a tenner and you won't even need to step to one side as a trickle of lava streams in your direction.

There will be three showtimes daily, so get the info you need on this truly epic happening made for the big, big, BIG screen.

Bubble bubble, lava-style? We call many things in this world "volcano" or "volcano-like," but only one thing is a volcano: a volcano. That there are "over 500 active volcanoes" on this planet astounds, but so should the fact that we can visit a volcanic landscape from the comfort of our IMAX theater chair.

Volcanoes are ancient, and have been around for eons, but "Volcanoes 3D: The Fires of Creation" clocks in at a pinch over 42 minutes.

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