Volt Sales Down, but Other Car Sales Up

Chevy has temporarily stopped making the electric Volt due to poor sales, but other fuel-efficient cars are selling well.

Low demand has forced GM to shut its Volt factory until mid-April so inventory of the automaker's plug-in hybrid car will match demand. Ironically, it is increased fuel efficiency and the price of other cars that seems to be overpowering the Volt's plug-in novelty.

"We sold 22 (Chevrolet) Cruze's last month," said to Derek Hanson, of Tom Bell Chevrolet. "More than I can remember selling any kind of car in an awful long time."

The Chevy Cruze toys with 40 miles per gallon, making it an attractive option when compared to the more expensive Volt.

It is estimated GM has about 145 days of Volt inventory. Carmakers generally make and hold 60 days of inventory -- that's the reason for the temporary layoffs.

But Volt buyers do get some perks.

The 2012 Volt models sold in California will allow driver only car-pool lane access. Buyers will also get an extra $1,500 rebate.

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