Redondo Beach

Waitress Gets Support After Offensive Tip

One customer left a 50-percent tip in an effort to, in his words, "make up for the poor attitude of that other gentleman."

Community members are rallying around a waitress from Thailand who received a note from a customer who refused to tip last week reading, "Tip for U.S. citizens only."

The incident unfolded last week when a man, who NBC4 is not identifying until he can be reached for comment, sat down for lunch at Bamboo Thai Bistro in Redondo Beach, California.

His server was a Thai woman in her 30s, working in the U.S. legally. A photo of the receipt ended up online and started gaining traction within hours.

Now other customers are showing their support for the waitress and the restaurant.

One left a 50-percent tip in an effort to, in his words, "make up for the poor attitude of that other gentleman." Another left a $10 bill and a note reading, "Sorry you had to deal with that sad man," and a third receipt included a large tip with the note "Sorry he was a racist."

Restaurant manager Adison Karnsomport said the kind gestures show that not all customers are like the man whose offensive note garnered attention last week.

"They're really generous and, like, actually reaching out to us," said Karnsomport. "We don't really need the publicity, you know?  Yeah, we're doing really well."


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Karnsomport and the note enraged his other employees.

"Just to write a note like that is just plain rude," said server Chris Gomez.

Gomez called the note a personal attack on a server who couldn't be nicer. He said if the man wasn't pleased with the service, it would have been fine simply not to tip.

"I'm 6 feet tall and about 250. But that (note) would still hurt me," he said.

Social media postings have called the man and called him out by name. Karnsomport said he has not heard from the man himself.

"I haven't heard anything, or he hasn't reached out," he said.

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