Walnut: One of the Best Little Cities in the Country

Walnut now ranks 57th on the top 100 best places to live with populations under 50,000 list, put out by CNN Money Magazine.

Walnut, according to CNN Money Magazine, is the best small city California has to offer.

Walnut ranked 57 on the list of top 100 best places to live with populations under 50,000. That's up from 70th place in 2009.

Its quaint and quiet, with planned neighborhoods that have words like Meadows and Estates in their names, schools where the test scores are double the national average.

"I like Walnut because it's quiet. It's pretty peaceful. Not a lot of traffic around here," according to Nicholas Trigg, a Walnut resident.

It boasts amazing job growth nearly nine and a half percent, against the one point three eight nationally.

"It just seems like everything is a little cleaner and nicer. It even seems a little cooler here. I think West Covina is a little closer to the sun, maybe," says Scott Fleming, a West Covina resident

The median home price in Walnut is half a million dollars.

"Everything you want in a community," according to John Lopez,
West Covina resident. "It stood during the boom when everything dropped down."

And it's one of those places so close to freeways, but not on them, so a trip to the beach or the mountains is a leisurely hour drive.

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