Want to Own Part of the Dodgers?

If LA Councilwoman Janice Hahn has her way you can. Friday She Proposed a Plan where Fans Would by the Team, like fan's did in a la fans of Wisconsin's Green Bay Packers

Major League Baseball took over the day-to-day operations of the Dodgers from owner Frank McCourt Wednesday, leaving many to speculate on the future plans of the team.

Now LA Councilwoman Janice Hahn, has thrown her plan into the ring.

On Friday speaking at the LA Current Affairs Forum, Hahn floated the idea of turning over the Dodgers to public ownership, adopting the model of the Green Bay Packers, according to LA Weekly reports.

The Packers are the only community-owned franchise in U.S. professional sports, reports the USA Today.

"Let's reconnect the Dodgers with Los Angeles and make this a team we can all be proud of," says Councilwoman Hahn.

Hahn and her family have a special connection with the boys in blue. Hahn's late father, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn, was involved in getting the Dodgers to move from Brooklyn to LA in the 1958, reports USA Today. Her brother, former LA Mayor James Hahn, was an honorary bat boy for the team.

Two obstacles to Hahn's idea: In 1961, MLB passed a resolution forbidding public ownership of teams, according to her own news release about this idea from last year. Second, it would take an act of Congress to remove the restriction.

But Hahn, who is making a congressional run, is calling on Congress to do just that.

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