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Watch: Labrador Retriever Chases Off Coyote Who Had Family's Boston Terrier in Mouth

A family dog was attacked by a coyote who grabbed it by the neck and dragged it around in their backyard.

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A family in Huntington Beach almost lost their dogs to a coyote attack in their backyard.

The family's surveillance camera recorded the moment when the coyote jumped over a 6-foot wall and ran toward the dogs. The coyote grabbed one of the dogs by the neck and dragged it around in their yard.

The family's larger dog, a Labrador retriever named Cody, then ran out to save the smaller dog and scare away the coyote.

The owners said they've seen an increase in coyote activity recently in their neighborhood.

"Really this last year, they've been coming around where I'll be driving my kids to school and I'll see a coyote walking and it's right in front of the school," said Melissa Patriarcha the owner of the dog attacked by the coyote. "And that's really scary."

In April a coyote attacked and seriously injured a girl by the Huntington Beach pier.

Police ended up euthanizing the coyote involved in that attack when they found it the next morning.

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