Driver Surrenders Next to Smoking Car After Chase

A chase that reached speeds of 120 mph ended abruptly Wednesday night when the motorist, who drove without his lights on as he moved erratically through freeways and surface streets, surrendered to police in East Los Angeles.

The driver led California Highway Patrol officers through at least four freeways, several surface streets and alleyways as he drove from El Monte to downtown and East Los Angeles.

He narrowly missed slamming into several moving cars, and drove with his lights off for the entire chase.

When the driver's sedan came to a stop at Woods Avenue and 6th Street, smoke billowed from underneath the car.

The driver parked the car, then calmly walked past a CHP squad car and onto the sidewalk. He raised his hands above his head and was rushed by officers, who handcuffed him.

Authorities tried to pull over the driver for speeding on the 60 Freeway, but he refused to stop, according to a California Highway Patrol official. The 45-minute chase ended shortly before 10:30 p.m.

No one was injured in the chase.

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