Watch Out for That Rattler

When Temperatures go Up, Rattlesnakes Come Out. Rattlesnake Calls are on the Rise in the Inland Empire. What Should You do if You Come Across One?

When temperatures go up, rattlesnakes come out.

At the Animal Services Dispatch in Riverside County, operators are getting double the normal number of snake calls, most of them about "rattlers."

Tiffany Fuller is about to “roll” on the department’s THIRD snake call this morning! This time…Fuller is headed toward the rocky hills of Glen Avon off Limonite Avenue.

Rattlesnakes tend to sun themselves on the concrete during the day, then move around after dark when they hunt for food.

"You're generally going to find them on the eastern end of Riverside County, in the more of the desert areas, rocky terrain, open fields, that sort of stuff," according to Kim McWhorter, Reptile Expert.

If a rattlesnake does bite you, stay calm and still, McWhorter advises, so the venom doesn't travel through your body as much. Then wash the bite area and call for medical help.

"Call 911. Get to a hospital as soon as possible," advises McWhorter. The only proven medical treatment for a snakebite is getting the appropriate anti-venom."

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