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“Colossal” Water Main Break Floods Streets in Beverly Grove

"It was colossal," one resident said. "The jet of water was easily as tall as the tree."

A water main described as "colossal" break flooded streets in the Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles Tuesday morning.

The pipe ruptured about 5 a.m. in the 8300 block of Blackburn Avenue. according to the LADWP.

The broken 6-inch main shot a geyser of water into the air, causing a sinkhole and flooding streets. Residents described hearing a rumbling sound.

"I heard this sound ... it was kind of an eruption sound. It was really loud, it was rumbling," a longtime resident of the block told NBC4.

"It was colossal," he said. "The jet of water was easily as tall as the tree."

Crews turned off the water by 6 a.m. leaving about 20 to 30 customers without water until the afternoon, LADWP officials said. The street was repaired sometime around noon.

"That's a stab in the dark when you say, 'What caused the water main break?'" said Kirk Broyard of the LADWP. "But again, aging infrastructure. We're doing everything we can to replace to aggressively replace these old pipes.

The age of the pipe that ruptured in Beverly Grove was not immediately known.

Tuesday morning's incident follows a West Hollywood water main break over the weekend, described as a "Poseidon adventure," that sent "massive" amounts of water into streets and parking garages.

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