“Wearable” Tech is Talk of Electronics Show

Vendors showcase the latest trends in hands-free, high definition technology at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show

Forget about 3D or tablets or ultra-books, the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show will be a leap into the future with uber high definition and wearable technology.

Tim Alessi, product manager for LG, proudly decries the birth of the 4K.

"It's the clearest, crispest picture you will see on a large screen display," he said.

The set was unveiled to the press at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on Sunday.

4K is four times the resolution of any high definition TV on the market today.

The resolution on the 84-inch set displayed was 3840x2160.

Yes, you could nearly see pores on people's faces.


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The 4K technology also for not only intense resolution, but a 240 Hz refresh rate which makes the images have almost a 3D effect.

It’s also a “smart” TV with built-in WiFi and apps and is outfitted with a three-way, 10 speaker audio system.

LG, along with most of the big TV makers, will unveil a version of 4K or OLED, which is a similar super high definition TV, at the event this year.

Another emerging trend is wearable technology, first pioneered by BodyMedia at CES a few years ago.

The technology allows you to connect your smart phone to another piece of technology like an ear piece or headset to expand its capabilities.

Vuzix is one of the technologies.

It's new lightweight set of smart glasses that is less augmented reality, more a wearable smart screen that pairs to your tablet or smartphone.

You can see a 16:9 aspect ration horizontal screen displayed across your right eye.

The screen can display text messages, emails and social networks. The device can use its 1080i camera to view items that might be in different languages and translate them for you on the screen.

It's being released to developers this year who can create applications and software for the technology.

Lastly, CES gave the media a sneak peek at smart cars.

Google has led the way with testing of self driving cars, but Toyota and Ford are plugging away with turning economy style cars into smart hubs, connection your smart phone to the car to runs apps for navigation, music and social networks.

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