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Weekend: Los Angeles Auto Show

The shiniest, tomorrowiest debuts unfold downtown.

Los Angeles Auto Show: There's really no quibbling with its billing -- "one of the most influential auto shows in the world" -- and there's no fretting that only people in the car biz'll get to eye all of the shiny goods. This automobile extravaganza is open to the public with $12 weekday tickets (pay three bucks more on Saturday and Sunday). Dates? Nov. 20 through the 29th. The place? Los Angeles Convention Center. The dream machines? The Elio Motors P5, the 2017 Ford Escape, and the 2017 Porsche 911 Targa 4 will all enjoy splashy debuts, plus the Volvo Concept 26. It's big, as big as the open, to-the-horizon road, and then some.

The Great Los Angeles Walk: Just as wheel-focused mavens are gathering at the LACC, some people devoted to having an adventure on foot will be meeting up at Clifton's Cafeteria. It's the annual Saturday-before-Thanksgiving, strut-across-town stroll helmed by Mike Schneider, the blogger behind Franklin Avenue, and it is free to join. The path this year? It's Olympic Boulevard, all the way from Clifton's to the ocean. Nov. 21 is looking sunny and pleasant, too, so lucky that.

CHILL opens: Just when temperatures are ticking upwards, at least for a few days, the iciest event in town makes its seasonal showing. It's the Queen Mary's yearly holiday treat, which includes a very sizable outdoor rink, the World's Largest Rocking Horse (want), Santa cameos, and all of those cool (literally) ice sculptures under the adjacent dome, including one that looks like the Queen Mary itself. They loan out parkas, too, for you to wander about the frigid artworks. Opening date? Nov. 20, but it glides right through into the early new year on select dates.

Doo Dah Parade: It's impossible to describe this famous/infamous Pasadena strut, though using the word "impossible" might help you out a bit. For the decades-old romp -- it is marking its 38th sorta-annual-ish outing in 2015 -- is full of impossibilities and whimsies and strange sights and outlandish ideas. Anyone can join for a tenner, and anyone kind of does, and they gleefully go the distance in the costume/vehicle department. Date? Be in East Pas, on Colorado, on Nov. 22.

Hello Kitty Truck: While the seen-everywhere, smiles-delivering Sanrio character has made several Southern California appearances over the last year-plus, her pink'd-out truck isn't a daily sight around town. But get happy, lovers of this pop culture phenom: The cookies-and-more roll is stopping at the Glendale Galleria on Saturday, Nov. 21. Also sparkly? A pop-up shop, that's much like the truck but a bit more semi-permanent, is headed for the Irvine Spectrum Center in "late November." That's a lot to meow about (though, again, Hello Kitty is not a cat).

Mustache Dache: If you know someone in mid-mustache-growth, and it is the middle of November, chances are this gentleman is participating in Movember, which helps raise money for men's health via the growing of 'stachery across this great land. To show off what's happening in the region of their upper lips, these dudes and the Mo Sistas and Mo Kids'll gather to 5K-it-up in Griffith Park on Sunday, Nov. 22. Costumes that befit the styles of the various mustache are very, very encouraged. Like, wear one. Anything. Try. Cool.

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