Weekend: Pasadena Cheeseburger Week

The flowery floats are stowed. Now? Bun-and-patty delights away.

Pasadena Cheeseburger Week: Surely someone, in the history of humans who consumed meat and dairy, paired the two in some fashion prior to 1924. But that was the year that the cheeseburger well and truly kicked off, per legend, at the Rite Spot in ol' Pasadena. The city remembers its appetite-stoking legacy each winter with a cheeseburger showdown among local restaurants, and a slew of savory deals, too. So, what makes the best bite? More cheese, more burger, or that hard-to-achieve balance? Tell it the birthplace of the wonder food, cheeseburgerists. Sunday, Jan. 12 through Friday, Jan. 17

Golden Globes: If you're anywhere near the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard on the afternoon of Sunday, Jan. 12, you'll probably be in a limo trying to memorize your acceptance speech. (Remember, keep it light and short.) If you're not going to one of the biggest awarders in town -- it is at the Beverly Hilton, as always -- you can go old Hollywood, at the Annenberg Community Beach House. There's a free, 1920s shindig for starlet Marion Davies frolickin' it up, flapper-style.

"Mary Poppins" Sing-a-Long Opens: "Saving Mr. Banks" has given modern movie-goers a peek behind the making-of history's most famous umbrella-sporting nanny, yep yep. So aren't you longing now to A) see the 1964 gem and B) show everyone at the El Capitan you know all the songs? By heart? "Spoonful of Sugar," et cetera? Jan. 10, opening night, has the costume contest and extras, but the sing-a-long screenings run through Monday, Jan. 20.

Happy Birthday, Elvis: Fans around the world are remember a certain Mr. Presley this week, via the playing of "Love Me Tender" and the watching of '60s films and the looking at vintage photos. But only a few Elvisian aficionados will get to party at one of his houses. We're talking about the Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs, and, yep, things are about to get mighty thank-you-thank-you-very-much-y there on Saturday, Jan. 11. Where your sequiny best, Presley people.

Bob Baker's 54th Season Opens: When people lament that the things they loved have kids are now gone, they don't have to lament this still very lively downtown-close spot. It's one of the LA's best-loved places of childhood, and a pretty famous place worldwide, and the marionettes that prance and dance on strings feel vintage and quirky, all at once. The new show starts on Saturday, Jan. 11, and, yep, there are refreshments after in the party room. Sweeter, things don't come, and that's for dang sure.

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