Weekend Recipe: Molletes Con Chorizo

La Monarca Bakery gives their

Molletes con Chorizo

La Monarca Bakery shares with you a traditional chorizo sandwich that will keep you coming back for more!


  • One Artisan Mexican Bolillo cut into halves
  • Mexican Smashed Pinto Beans
  • Shredded Mexican Asadero Cheese or Monterey Jack Cheese
  • Mexican Chorizo Sausage


  • Toast the two bolillo halves in a toaster oven (about 2 minutes @ 325 F)
  • Spread the smashed pinto beans on both halves
  • Cover both halves with shredded asadero or monterey jack cheese and place them in oven again until cheese melts (about 1 minute @ 325 F)
  • Bring out and top with sauteed Mexican chorizo
  • Add salsa to taste (optional) and plate

Best paired in the mornings with a good Cafe de Olla!

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