Weekend: SANTA Monica Pub Crawl

Merrymakers'll raise a pitcher, and snap pitchers, during one convivial night.

SANTA Monica Pub Crawl: 'Tis the season to see Santas -- many, many Santas -- making merry, en masse, in public. Wait, did we mean "'tis the season" or "'tis the Saturday"? The middle Saturday of December is very often when the Claus-based carousing takes place, in cities hither and yon, and Santa Monica will be no exception. Revelers will don the red caps and shiny boots and make for ye olde taverns around the city, for carols and cheer and friend-making. The best bit? Westside Food Bank is the beneficiary. Best get on those tickets, Kris Kringles of Los Angeles. Saturday, Dec. 14

KING HARBOR BOAT PARADE: How hard is it to twirl multi-colored bulbs around a giant mast? Well, it is time-consuming, for sure, but the ocean-lovers behind the annual lighted boat parade off Redondo Beach don't mind a bit. They're into it, for sure, as evidenced by the creative Christmas expressions seen aboard each vessel. And is that a captain dressed as a reindeer? Ohhhh yeah. It's the yuletide on the Pacific, SoCal-style. Saturday, Dec. 14

SHOPPING OPPORTUNITIES, AHOY: The best part of December? Reading all of the studies about how we shop, why, when, and for what reasons. It's enlightening, for sure, but if you've found you've spent too much time online, reading articles, and you really, really need to pick up a quirky pair of earrings for your sister, you've got the Renegade Craft Fair at LA State Historic Park. Go there. Saturday, Dec. 14 and Sunday, Dec. 15

TAMALES OF OLVERA STREET: Tamalests -- those extreme lovers of all things masa-and-husk-based -- enjoy their favorite food all year long, but December is the tamale's moment for culinary superstardom. A certain historic district'll be embracing the tamale-December connection on Sunday, Dec. 15 but serving up a whole variety of them. We'd love to try one of each. Ohhhh, can someone make a tamale with a little bit of everything to it? Dream tamale.

MOVIE TIME: The Cinefamily of the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax throws its 24-hour, stars-stop-by-and-talk fundraising telethon starting at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 14. It's mega and mondo and all other words that signify a greatness of goal. And in Pasadena that morning? It's a free screening of "A Christmas Story," courtesy of the Pasadena Playhouse District. Will you put your eye out? Nope, but Ralphie's mom'll say the iconic line multiple times, for sure.

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