Man Impersonating City Worker Bashes Homeowner Over the Head, Ransacks West Hills Home

A man approaching a West Hills resident’s home pretending to be a city worker and wearing a vest knocked on the door, and when the homeowner wasn’t buying it, bashed him over the head in what police are calling a targeted attack.

Around 8 a.m. Monday morning in the 7800 block of Bobbyboyar Avenue, the impersonator, who possibly was pretending to be a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power employee, knocked on the victim’s door, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

After an argument with homeowner, the man struck the victim in the head. The assailant then tied up the homeowner. 

One or two accomplices arrived and the three began to ransack the home and the victim’s car parked out front, LAPD said.

A neighbor walking his dog saw the victim, who didn’t wish to speak to NBC4, leave the house after the thieves and told him to call 911.

Police believe this was a targeted attack. They believe attackers waited until the homeowner’s wife left to take their child to school. Police are now looking at security camera videos from the house that was ransacked and other homes next door.

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