West Hollywood Considers Manning Intersections With Traffic Control Officers

A Southern California city is so plagued with traffic jams, it’s considering putting traffic control officers at its busiest intersections to alleviate congested roadways.

While much of the Southland is notorious for its traffic, West Hollywood really feels the jams because so many drivers are just passing through the 2-square-mile city to get from side of town to the other.

Residents say they work their schedules around the inevitable traffic.

“I have to give literally an extra 20 minutes so mater where I’m going just to sort of navigate West Hollywood,” Heidi Shink said.

It’s central location primes West Hollywood for chronic traffic, a problem that likely will get worse with 1 million square feet of new apartments and businesses being built next year.

Those new developers will foot the bill for traffic mitigation efforts, City Councilmember John Duran said.

Those efforts would include traffic ontrol officers at nine of the city’s busiest intersections. Duran said if they’ve worked in LA, they’ll work in WeHo.

“Nothing’s more irritating than being blocked when you have a green light because somebody didn't plan ahead right, so that's the sort of thing a traffic control officer can help control,” Duran said.


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The West Hollywood City Council voted 5-0 Monday night on the concept of putting traffic control officers in busy intersections during rush hour. A final vote is scheduled for February.

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