What to Know: Medical Board Information About Doctors in California

The Medical Board of California offers an online license search on its website for all doctors practicing in the state.

Patients can also sign up for license alerts which will send them an email whenever a disciplinary action has been taken against their physician and/or an accusation has been filed. The alerts will also send information regarding Board meetings, newsletters, news releases and regulations.

The Medical Board of California also offers a License Alert Mobile App for iOS. The app allows users to follow the licenses of up to 16 doctors and will send a push alert to the user’s phone whenever there has been an update on any of the doctors they follow.

Notifications are sent when there is a change of address, license status or specialty, or when there has been discipline on the physician's license. An android app should be available in the near future. In addition to the website and the app, the Board operates a toll free call center known as the Consumer Information Unit (CIU).

It's staffed during regular business hours—1-800-633-2322. If a consumer has a question about a doctor, they can phone the CIU and speak to someone who can help them navigate the website and explain any potential accusations or discipline. The CIU also takes calls form licensees and people seeking to file a complaint with the Board.

The Board also uses Facebook and twitter to communicate information about physician discipline and decisions including but not limited to probationary status, license revocations, and public reprimands to inform consumers about their doctors.

To learn more about what information the Medical Board is allowed to release to the public and when, click here.

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