What You Eat Can Save Your Life

Nutritionist suggests people eat the "furious five" of cancer fighting

In a new approach to illness and diet, cancer fighters are now advising their patients that certain foods can be life-savers.

Carolyn Katzin, a nutritionist at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, has advised her patients to chow down on what she called the “furious five” of fighting cancer, common foods with uncommon abilities.

These included water cress, walnuts, avocado, guava juice and lots of berries.
The Center tries to be an “anti-hospital” where patients not only get treatment from state of the art equipment, but also massages in a hotel-like setting.

Katzin called water cress “a super, super food.”

“It has twice the calcium of milk, twice the iron of spinach, and it is richer in folic acid, vitamins A, C, E and B6,” she said.

The berries are particularly protective according to Katzin who said it’s their dark blue coloring that holds free-radicals at bay.

The foods are both cancer-fighters and cancer preventers.

“The good thing about foods is you can’t overdose on these foods,” she said.

She is not opposed to vitamins and supplements, but she also tells patients what Hippocrates said so long ago: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." 

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