What's With All the Christmas Trees?

You might be a procrastinator if you just decided to drag the tree to the curb

Hey, procrastinator!

If you still have a Christmas tree sitting in your living room, or, like a few of my neighbors, you dumped your tree at the curb, or in the parking garage this weekend, you might just be one of the laziest people in Los Angeles.

But, believe me, I feel your pain, especially since I have to look at it out front. I also feel obliged to tell you that you're going to do something more with that thing or we're both going to be watching it spontaneously combust come July, if not before.

The bad new is, you've missed the deadline for the drop-off program (it was more than a week ago). Bag or no bag, an intact tree at the curb, or beside the dumpster, isn't likely to persuade any but the most kindhearted sanitation worker to take it, or maybe a very desperate thief.

If you want it taken away (and God knows I do), the city of LA's Bureau of Sanitation says you need to use your green bin. That's "green," as in the color your tree used to be.

The bureau publishes these "easy three steps," which in and of themselves are so elementary they're pretty darn funny:

1) REMOVE all the ornaments, decorations, tinsel and stand from the tree.

2) CUT the tree in pieces to fit into the green bin.

3) PLACE the tree pieces in the green bin for regular pick-up by the Bureau of Sanitation. Christmas trees collected by the city will be recycled into compost and mulch.

The City of Beverly Hills has a similar advisory that reminds residents to remove the lights.

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