White Glove Robbers Steal $17K After Holding Up Rialto Store at Gunpoint

According to police, another man and a woman in the store appear to be part of the robbery crew.

Two men wearing white gloves held up a Rialto convenience store at gunpoint and made off with around $17,000.

They are seen on surveillance video hovering near the cashier before making their brazen move in broad daylight at the 7-Eleven on Riverside Avenue.

And according to police, another man and a woman in the store may also be part of the robbery crew.

"They just looked suspicious when I walked inside. I was talking to the cashier and one of the guys interrupted and was asking questions about the beers and he had on some white gloves and I’m thinking 'it's not that cold outside to be having on gloves,' so that was kind of suspect," customer Amber Lakes, who was in the shop at the time, said

And she was glad she left the shop when she did, as moments later the robbery took place. 

"I had my mom and daughter with me, and that would have been terrifying," she said.

As soon as she left, a suspect, his white gloves clearly on display, went to the back of the store and a male accomplice pulled out a gun as they forced the clerk into the back office.

"He made him open the safe and removed money that he had from the weekend. There were some weekend deposits that hadn’t been deposited yet," Lt. Andrew Karo, of Rialto Police Department, said.

After taking about $17,000 in cash they locked the owner inside the office and drove off in a blue Ford Mustang with the other two suspects.

Officers do have one lead to follow, after finding the store owner's cellphone in the parking lot.

Detectives are hoping to get fingerprints from it, however this depends on whether the suspects took off their gloves before throwing away the device.

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