Wiggle Waggle Walk: Pasadena Fundraiser

Leash up your pup and give an arf for the Pasadena Humane Society.

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Wiggle Waggle Walk

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA is a venerable organization often seen in the headlines, but the story springing from the Raymond Avenue animal center a few weeks back was off the scales.

Full disclaimer: We used "scales" there in a cheeky fashion, as Tina the alligator, a beloved reptile who'd lived at the society for many years, was the beastie we were ready to reference. Tina departed the pet shelter for roomier digs at the LA Zoo, but still under the care of center staffers? The many dogs, cats, and other furry cuties who need some TLC and a permanent home.

That's where the Wiggle Waggle Walk comes in. The early-in-the-fall fundraiser has been around for as long as Tina lived at the Pasadena Humane Society — 18 years, give or take — and it raises a lot of money each year for the well-being of the shelter's animals, from medical needs to food to comforts (blankets, beds, and such).

"(N)early 12,000 homeless animals are taken in by the PHS each year," reveals the organization.

The Wiggle Waggle Walk, which shakes a tail at the Brookside Park at the Rose Bowl on Sunday, Sept. 25, will provide many necessities for these critters. The Pasadena Humane Society has a goal of $325,000 in mind, and both individuals and teams are making that happen.

It's a whole tongue-happy, lap-cuddly to-do, too, with pet-minded vendors, various prizes, and food trucks on hand to complement the main happenings, the 1K and 3K walks.

A big question, of course, is this: Are dogs allowed to join the walk? On leash, for sure, and there are a few other rules to know. But also know this: If your pup wants to sit this one out, or you don't have a Fido of your own, you are more than welcome to sign up.

Perhaps Tina the alligator, now settled in at her fresh pad at the zoo, would be cheered to know that her former home was once again on the receiving end of so much community-driven good will (and impressive fund-raising).

The reptile's story is the story of an animal shelter that cares. That the Pasadena Humane Society has welcomed so many beasties, of all stripes and scales over its century-plus history, is a testament to a terrific organization that goes the distance for dogs, kittens, and a host of other animals needing TLC.

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