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Wildlife Near Us: Urban Nature Festival

Dig watching the birds, squirrels, and other animals of your neighborhood? This is your party.

Wherever you happen to live around Southern California, the chances of you stepping outside your door and encountering A) a squirrel or B) a butterfly or C) a raccoon or D) a coyote or E) a bear playing with a pool noodle is likely on the high side.

If you see all five at once? A slim chance, but not entirely outside of the realm of the possible.

For we live in a wild stretch of land, ocean to mountains to desert, and just because we've built a few (correction: many) freeways and the occasional skyscraper slide along the way does not mean our area's critters have vamoosed.

The Natural History Museum loves upon our local fauna each year during the annual LA Urban Nature Fest, which will scurry with squirrel-like efficiency into the museum's Nature Gardens on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26.

Demos on wildlife photography (with scientific purposes), meet-and-greets with real beasties, silk screening projects, a demonstration on how to feed a snake, and more connect-with-nature doings are on the two-day schedule.

The cost for all this creatureful, educational, hands-ons-y goodness? Just your admission to the Exposition Park institution.

Beyond the crafty fun times, and snake-feeding interesting moments, LA Urban Nature Fest serves as a sweet reminder that we share this land with loads of local residents that boast tails and scales and wings.


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We may have laid some asphalt, and put in structures built of cement and glass, but look to the trees, and rivers, and canyons, for beautiful proof that Southern California is now, and always was, deeply wild.

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