Win a “Post-Holiday” Cocktail Party at Morton’s

Finally, a little socializiing when this all settles down.

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Everyone who sends a "hi, happy everything, just thinking of you card" in January is genius. It's a time when things have calmed down and we can all focus and everyone can pay attention without feeling like there are 23 other things to get done.

Which is one reason the Morton's contest to win a post-holiday cocktail reception for 10 caught our eye. The "for 10" part is nice; that's a goodly crowd of people you like. "Cocktail" is lovely, too.

But "post-holiday" here is the ding-ding-ding term. It means if you win, you can enjoy your little soiree when you have the time and energy to do so. Read: Not right now.

Get entry details here. And if you're feeling like getting convivial at a Morton's prior to Christmas and New Year's, the chain has a special annual sip, as it has had in  years past. This year's drink is called the Sparkling Sleigh Ride, and Tuaca and cranberry juice and prosecco and mint and cherry liqueur are all hitching a lift. Yum.

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