Winner of Historic Powerball Jackpot Remains a Mystery

Powerball lottery officials announced Tuesday that a singular winning ticket was purchased with the key to the $2.4 billion jackpot, but who won?

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If you've ever wanted to put your detective skills to the test, now is your time to shine.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased at a gas station in Altadena, but the mystery is too much to bear for residents and visitors.

Barbara Shay's "Little Red Hen" coffee shop is just half a mile away from the lucky gas station, lamenting the fact that she skipped buying one herself.

Shay has noted, however, that it could be some unaccounted for. That person, some have said, could be the mystery winner. It could be the person in your life who seems to have disappeared suddenly. One who isn't returning texts or calls.

Altadena locals have checked in with one another to figure out who the lucky winner is.

The person who spent two dollars on that winning ticket in Altadena will have the distinction of being the biggest jackpot winner in lottery history.

Lottery officials have said that large-scale winners typically take longer to come forward. It could take weeks or even years, but when they do, it's often surprising to friends, co-workers and even family.

Whoever the winner is, they are keeping the curious public on their toes by not revealing their identity.

The winner has one year to come forward and claim their prize.

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