Witnesses to Giants Fan Beating Speak Out

Joe Lagano and Dolores Donnelly are lifetime Dodger fans. They say they've seen huge problems develop over the past years at their favorite stadium.  Most recently, the vicious beating of  Giants fan Bryan Stow, after the season opening game at Dodger Stadium last week.

Donnelly said as she walked to her car she heard two men shouting profanities and taunting Stow and his buddies, who stated they wanted no trouble.

"I heard someone yell some cuss words and then bam. Then Joe is the one that rushed over there and my cousins went over there and then we seen Brian on the ground," said Donnelly.

Donnelly says she saw Stow being kicked in the head while he was down.

Joe Lagano and relatives came to Stow’s aid while calling 911 but he says more could have been done to prevent the beating.

"No security came those guys should soon as they started talking should have been removed immediately. Especially when the manager got there. He should have called security," said Lagano.

The suspects allegedly  left the area away in a car with a woman and a child.  Lagano and Donnelly later helped police come up with composite sketches of the  men who allegedly beat up Stow. (click here www.lapdonline.org/assets/pdf/11110404-1U3.pdf)

Anyone with information about the suspects is urged to call police.

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