Woman Attacked Inside her Apartment

Police are investigating a home invasion attack.

On the 3rd floor, near the end of the hallway, LAPD detectives work the crime scene.

"I've been here 22 years, no problems down here. There's great people in this building," according to manager Lenny Vaughn.

Vaughn is the manager of the building where police say a woman was attacked inside her own apartment. The building is located on Culver Boulevard, just three blocks from the LAPD's Pacific Division.

"You'd have to be, really, an idiot to try and do something within a stones throw of the police station," says neighbor Paul Mickelson

The attack occurred around 4:00 p.m. Thursday, while it was still daylight, and in a heavily traveled area.

A sign in the lobby of the apartment warns visitors they are being recorded and cameras are visible on either side of the front door, as well as above the elevator and stairwell.

The suspect would have to pass by these cameras on his way up to the 3rd floor.

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