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Woman Attacked With Chainsaw Tells Her Story

Now, the mother can continue with her recovery in the company of her children.

Gloria Mojica was attacked with a chainsaw in the summer of 2018 allegedly by her husband.

Several months later, she tells the story of her journey to recovery, both medical and psychological.

The macabre event occurred on July 11 when her husband, Alejandro Álvarez, attacked her in a moment of rage.

Apparently, Mojica had told her neighbor that her partner needed psychological help because he suffered from anxiety and depression.

"What I remember [is] that I grabbed my arm and blood burst everywhere," says Mojica. "I thought I was going to die [but] God was here."

Mojica and Álvarez were married for 11 years, lived in Whittier and had three children.

"Still talking about it, it still hurts," says Mojica. "You expect it from someone else, maybe. But not him. "


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Her husband fled after the attack but was captured shortly after.

She ended up bathed in blood and wounded in the head, face and arms.

As a result of the injuries, she underwent multiple surgeries.

But, while her partner remains imprisoned and faces multiple charges, Mojica must also face another problem, derived from the action of her husband's attack on her.

When her husband escaped from the police, he crashed the car in which he was traveling.

However, the insurance company held her responsible for the damages that Álvarez caused to the car and sent her the $11,000 bill.

"It wasn't me," Mojica said. "They took me to the hospital. I did not take the car. "

Telemundo 52 contacted the insurance company Foremost and, in less than 24 hours, they absolved it of responsibility.

Now, the mother can continue with her recovery in the company of her children.

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