Woman Buries Dead Husband in Her Own Backyard

Neighbors of the couple are trying to raise money for the man to have a proper burial

Neighbors are raising money for a proper burial for the husband of a San Bernardino County woman who told police that she buried her spouse in her backyard because she could not afford a funeral.

Thomas Winn’s body was wrapped in two garbage bags when officials dug it out of the 4-to-5-foot deep hole in the Apple Valley home's yard Thursday.

“When they pulled the body out, the smell was rancid,” a neighbor told NBC4.

Authorities said they showed up to the home Wednesday to do a welfare check on Thomas Winn. They arrived to Yvonne, his wife, who told them she buried Thomas in the backyard after he died last month.

Yvonne, 59, told police during the welfare check that she did not have enough money for a funeral for Thomas, who was 63, police said.

Neighbors told NBC4 that Yvonne was always working in the yard -- whether planting trees or building a shed -- so it was not hard to believe she dug the makeshift grave site herself.

Members of the community set up a donation page to raise money for a proper burial, and Phyllis Jerscheid of Jerscheid Men's Apparel in Victorville donated a tuxedo for Thomas’ body.

The Winn home was in escrow, but the buyer told NBC4 he may reconsider.

Authories said they do not suspect any foul play.

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