Woman Charged in LAPD Officer's Murder Ordered Held Without Bail

LAPD via Twitter

The woman charged alongside three men with the murder of LAPD officer Fernando Arroyos was ordered Tuesday to be held in jail with no bail.

Haylee Marie Grisham appeared by telephone at a short hearing in front of a U.S. District Court magistrate judge on allegations she violated federal racketeering law by participating in the robbery and murder of Arroyos January 10.

Grisham, 18, did not enter a plea to the charges.

Her newly appointed defense attorney, Shaun Khojayan, told the judge he was working with Grisham’s family to come up with property to use to secure a bail release and would make a request in the coming weeks to have the matter of bail reconsidered.

Magistrate Judge Paul L. Abrams said there was no combination of release conditions that would ensure her appearance at future hearings, citing Grisham’s limited local ties, and said given the nature of the allegations in the case, there were no conditions that could overcome the presumption that her release could endanger the community.

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