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WonderCon Alights in Downtown LA

The large-scale pop culture convention jumps north from Anaheim.

When a superhero takes it upon herself to defend a neighborhood or city or planet, you can generally count on the cape-rocking defender to stay somewhere within, or nearby, her chosen locale.

But when you can fly, and move from place to place, well, covering a bit of territory comes with the territory. Such is the case with WonderCon, the huge pop culture convention that's second in size only to its intra-company sibling, Comic-Con International. 

Mavens of WonderCon know it has seen some of the state in its day, with a San Francisco start in the late 1980s, followed by a move to Anaheim in 2012 (while the Moscone Center underwent updates), and, lastly and currently, a new home in Los Angeles.

That means 2016 is year #1 for the convention's LA residency. The dates? Friday, March 25 through Sunday, March 27.

Just don't call the pop culture-obsessed gathering "mini Comic-Con" because there's nothing wee about WonderCon. Even the user-ready "Quick Guide" runs for several pages, pages that tell you where to go at the Los Angeles Convention Center, what celebrities are signing autographs, what exhibitors are purveying books/tees/more and where, and when your favorite show or subject is having its panel.

Those panels and presentations include cosplay make-up, "Bob's Burgers," Batman and Superman: Cultural Imagery and Myth, Cartoon Voices, "Sleepy Hollow," and a 50th anniversary "Star Trek" celebration.

Do you need to dress up? That isn't a pre-requisite for entry, but you'll see a whole caboodle of costumes that clearly were created with love over a long period of time. Some you'll know instantly, others you may need to inquire about, and almost all of the costumed attendees will pose for a photo when asked.


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Comic-Con International is over three months away, in San Diego, which means WonderCon will fill that fantastical and fictional need for many a fan who is looking to delve deeper into an interest, be that interest a comic book character, a movie superhero, or a TV genre series.

Tickets? Get yours in advance. Planning your day in advance is also advised, given the high volume of happenings. Wouldn't a superhero survey the city before going about her heroic deeds? Best that we WonderCon-attending mortals follow suit, on the planning-ahead front.

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