Worst of the Worst: 101 and Vermont

LOS ANGELES -- A new "Traffic Scorecard" provides data that LA motorists might find numbingly familiar.

Traffic information provider INRIX released its 2008 rankings this week -- LA is the nation's most congested city.

That's nearly as surprising as brake lights on the 405 near the 101, but the study also includes a handy guide to LA's worst intersections -- the commuter's equivalent of a Map to the Stars. The 100-worst list features 25 intersections in the LA area.

Click here to print a scorecard that can be stowed in your glovebox. Here's a map of the 10 worst LA traffic spots.

If you're looking for an aggravating experience behind the wheel, try the 101 Freeway near Vermont. INRIX calls it LA's most congested intersection and the nation's 7th-biggest traffic nightmare.

The 101 appears again in the national rankings at Nos. 12 and 13. The northbound freeway's intersections with Los Angeles Street and Spring Street are followed by the northbound 110 Freeway's intersection with Adams Boulevard at No. 14.

Three more LA intersections -- the northbound 101 at Alameda Street, the southbound 101 at Melrose Avenue, and the northbound 110 at the 10 Freeway interchange -- are among the top 25.

LA also bumped Honolulu from its perch as the city with the highest "Travel Time Index" (TTI). LA's TTI was 1.33, a figure created by comparing actual travel time to uncongested travel time. For example, a TTI of 1.10 equates to 10-percent  additional trip time because of congestion.

Although it ranked No. 1 overall, LA does not have the nation's most congested intersection. That label goes to the westbound portion of the Cross Bronx Expressway at Interstate 95 in New York.

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