The 10-Person Shower

OUT-SIZED SUITES: It seems like it isn't a wise use of internet space to talk about how things are more outlandish and more biggish and more every-other-ish in Las Vegas. If you've been there, and seen a statue of Caesar talk at you, or had a showgirl wink at your row, you know. But we must use the words "outlandish" and "big" as well as "colorful" and "sultry" and "eye-popping" when talking about the new "Fantastic Four" suites that just debuted at Rumor. And we'll get right down to one of the features that will surely be touched upon when people talk about 'em: the 10-person shower that's in all four of the new rooms.

"ULTRA-LOUNGE/PARTY BATHROOM": Dear design shows: Maybe this is THE trend for 2011? By the way, the Rumor site calls it a "5 person rainhead shower," but note that there are two showerheads per shower. Meaning you'll need to be polite and share space.

ALSO: There are also some very voom-voom murals going on, all sorts of custom-made couches and pillows, and generally the kind of saturated hues one will see in a movie but not off-screen. The suites are called -- have a pen? -- the Swinger Mega-Suite, the Gossip Mega-Suite, the Camouflage Mega-Suite, and the Diva Mega-Suite. They start at $350 on a weeknight, 500 clams on a weekend night.

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