Young Girl Shot in South Los Angeles by Gang Gunfire

Six years old, doing her homework, along with her grandparents, and shot in the chest.

LAPD have not released the name of the little girl but say she will survive.

The shooting happened in the 300 block of West 47th Street just before 7:30 p.m. last night.  Multiple shots riddled a trailer parked in front of the home, a mailbox outside the home, and the home itself.  One shot went through a front window, striking the little girl.  What happened was witnessed by many, but few have come forward to speak up.

"Please, this is a horrific crime," says LAPD Sgt. Ronnie Crump, "A child has been seriously injured and we're asking the public to help us solve this crime."

Police have little to go on but say they are looking for two suspects, one of them Latino, both of them in a white minivan with paper license plates.  While cops continue their investigation, neighbors say they're scared.

Maria de la Luz Paredes spoke to NBC4's John Cadiz Klemack in Spanish.  Translating, she said, "You think I wouldn't be scared living here?  WIth this happening all the time?  Of course I'm scared.  But this is my home and I'm not going anywhere."

Lita Herron with CeaseFire, a community action organization, said neighbor input into the investigation will be key.

"They shot into the home," she said, "That means anybody inside was at risk.  If they're willing to come down the street and fire into your home, that means nobody's safe.  We want them out of the neighborhood.  We want them off the street."

The little girl's parents arrived home just in time to ride in the ambulance with her to County-USC Medical Center.  LAPD Detectives say while it appears to be gang-related, they can't be sure until someone comes forward with information.

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