Nothing Stops Zsa Zsa’s Turkey Tradition

A few financial setbacks won't stop Zsa Zsa Gabor from giving away turkeys


Any tradition involving turkey is great.

But it's even better when Zsa Zsa Gabor shows up, which she may or may not do Monday during her traditional Thanksgiving turkey give-away. The event is at the Venice family center where she did community service for slapping a  police officer 20 years ago.

Gabor and her husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, are also to be  presented with a plaque from the Mayor's Office for their contributions to the  center, said publicist John Blanchette. Von Anhalt said Gabor's recent publicized financial setbacks would not  prevent the turkey giveaway.

Gabor lost $7 million in the Bernie Madoff  financial scandal, according to her attorney.

During a traffic stop in 1989, the celebrity slapped a Beverly Hills  police officer and was sentenced to three days in jail and community service at  the Vera Davis McClendon Youth & Family Center. After completing her service, she and her husband began buying 200  frozen turkeys for delivery to the charity each Thanksgiving.

"We decided to make Thanksgiving a part of the people's lives at the  center when Zsa Zsa was helping out and bought them all turkeys that year,"  von Anhalt said. "Vera passed away a few years ago, but we have continued the  tradition of giving turkeys to the poor families that the center helps support  to make it a happy Thanksgiving for everyone there."

The turkeys are to be purchased at a Pavilions in West Hollywood and  delivered to the center about 90 minutes later.

Von Anhalt's publicist said Gabor is not in good health, and it was  unclear whether she would accompany her husband to the giveaway. 

Gabor, who is believed to be about 92 years old, was Miss Hungary in 1936, and enjoyed a career as a singer, actress and celebrity. She has been  seen in public only rarely since she was severely injured in a car accident in  2006.

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