Couple Set to Move Loses Belongings in U-Haul Theft

A Long Beach couple all set to move to Portland was left with nothing but a few of their belongings after their moving trailer that contained some of their most precious items was stolen Monday night.

Jared Pettinato and Alicia Shabra's U-Haul trailer was attached to the back of Shabra's Honda Civic, which was parked outside of their rental home. They said their roommate woke them up early Tuesday morning and told them they heard tires screeching.

By the time they ran outside, Shabra's vehicle and the U-Haul were gone.

Long Beach police found the Civic in an alley a few miles away from the couple's home. The empty U-Haul was discovered in a north Long Beach neighborhood.

Shabra said she had items she's had since she was a child in that U-Haul, including family heirlooms and letters from her grandmother who died. 

Now, the couple is left with nothing but a mattress and some used clothes they were planning to donate.

"I would love to see all of our crap that nobody wants, but means the world to us, come back," Pettinato said.

The couple said the U-Haul insurance they purchased does not cover the theft of personal belongings, but the company plans to refund them the $2,600 they paid to rent the trailer.

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