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Long Beach Sets Temporary Ban on New Drive-Thrus

The city of Long Beach issued a six month long ban on new drive-thrus.

The controversial decision was made Tuesday in a 7-0 vote by city councilmembers.

The panel first approved the idea for the ordinance about a month ago when nine applications for new drive-thrus were exempted from this ban.

It was originally planned for the ban to go into effect immediately at the time of the meeting on April 9, however a debate prolonged the ban.

The city's director of Development Services, Linda Tatum, pointed out that the city of Long Beach needed a fresh look for their drive-thru policy as the community was concerned about the environmental impacts, safety and aesthetics of the drive-thrus

Councilmembers were divided between the ban and improvement of the drive-thru policy, some believed the six-month pause was not necessary.

"I fully support the study," Councilman Daryl Supernaw said at the time. "What I'm asking is that we don't go to a moratorium. I think it's onerous. I think it prejudices the study moving forward."

Ultimately, Councilman Supernaw was the only member to vote against the drive-thru ban.

"What's being proposed tonight is a very small thing," Councilman Rex Richardson said, "a six-month pause while we figure it out."

The temporary ban on these drive-thrus will give the city enough time to address the concerns of the community and improve the quality of their drive-thru policy.

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