Los Angeles-Area Organizations Provide Relief to Innocent in Syria

Los Angeles-area residents are kicking local organizations into high gear to help the innocent after U.S and its allies sent missiles to Syria Friday in a strike approved by President Donald Trump.

Syrian Institute 4 Progress, a Foothill Ranch-based organization dedicated to delivering relief to Syrian children affected by chemical weapon attacks, are preparing to send helpful supplies after the recent strike. It hopes its mission to help the innocent will inspire others to participate and donate. Another organization, Save Syria’s Children, shares the same mission and hopes.

"I think once people learn what’s happening in Syria, that’s when they open up their hearts and a lot of times, their pocketbooks," Phil Koosed of Save Syria's Children said.

Phil Koosed, a Sherman Oaks resident, founded Save Syria’s Children alongside his wife, Tamar. The couple use international connections to ship supplies to those in need in Syria.

Saed Moujtahed, the CEO of Syrian Institute 4 Progress, is not a fan of Trump, but feels the action taken was necessary.

"There's no time to go to Congress. People are dying in hundreds of thousands," Moujtahed said. "If we stand up for our American value, the president did the right things."

Moujtahed’s group, Syrian Institute 4 Progress, helps civil war victims by bringing burn victims stateside for treatment.

"We really hope we will be out of business very soon," Tamar Koosed said. "We don’t know if it will be because of the recent strikes, but we hope the killings stop in Syria so that these supplies are no longer needed."

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the targets selected by the U.S., which were mainly in western Syria, were selected to minimize civilian casualties.

Mattis said the attack was a "one-time shot" if Syrian President Bashar Assad does not use chemical weapons on his people.

If you would like to donate to Syrian Institute 4 Progress, you may do so here.

Those who would like to contribute to Save Syria’s Children can do so here.

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