Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Unveils Budget Proposal

Fire and Police departments

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released a budget proposal Monday morning that focused on job growth, making neighborhoods more livable and a reform of the police and fire departments.

The proposal balanced a $242 million deficit the city is facing for the 2014-2015 year, in part by asking city employees to contribute more to their healthcare plans and not adjusting pay for cost-of-living expenses. 

Garcetti also hopes to increase funding for the Los Angeles Police Department, which makes up nearly 44 percent of the general fund already. Most of the $28 million increase would go toward new technology for officers.

Firefighters would also see an increase in funding under Garcetti's budget.

"I'm proposing an $11 million increase in funding for the Fire Department," Garcetti said. "For the first time in five years we are hiring firefighters."

The announcement comes less than a month after Garcetti ordered a halt to what he described as a "fatally flawed" recruitment process.

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