Pickpocket Suspects in Los Angeles Caught on Surveillance Video

The suspects are caught on video delivering what police call a "well-orchestrated" pickpocket.

Detectives are looking to identify three people who were caught on video pickpocketing a woman Oct. 23 in a Los Angeles business, the LAPD said.

The suspects, one woman and two men, are caught on video performing what police call a "well-orchestrated" pickpocket.

The female suspect is seen walking around the store, located in the 8500 block of Beverly Boulevard, following an unsuspecting female victim. The two male suspects served as lookouts.

After several attempts, the female suspect uses the clothes in her arms to conceal the fact that she removed the victim's wallet from her purse.

Moments later, the female suspect tries again, reaching for more from the victim's purse as the victim looks at some clothing.

In full view of the surveillance camera, the female suspect meets with one of the male suspects and they look over what they stole.

The victim did not realize her wallet and phone were missing until she went to the cash register to pay — and the suspects were long gone by then.

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Detective B. Romero of the LAPD's Wilshire robbery division at 213-922-8215 or Senior Lead Officer G. Taff at 213-590-5410. Anonymous tips can be submitted through

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