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Clearing the Air: Where You Can and Can't Smoke Pot in LA

Months after Fifun Amini put up signs at his Quiznos sandwich shop in Sun Valley, notifying people that smoking or vaping marijuana in all public places in California is not allowed, he says they are working to get the word out. 

"They come in here they are looking at the sign, they hesitate to smoke," Amini said, who says he is not against people smoking marijuana legally, but wants his customers to have a smoke-free experience. 

While the signs have worked for him, a survey from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health found people living and working in the Sunland, North Hills areas are seeing marijuana smoking in parks and other public spaces more than the overall average countywide -- 83% to 76%. 

Those who answered the survey say they want more no smoking signs, awareness and enforcement -- the county making plans pin-point places that are having the most problems. 

Public places are off limits to use marijuana, which includes near schools, restaurants, parks, shops and inside cars or boats, even if you're a passenger. Common areas in multiunit buildings or even a balcony are also off-limits if other residents can smell marijuana.

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