Man Holds Back Tears While Claiming $5M Lotto Scratchers Jackpot

A Ventura liquor store sold the $5 million-winning Scratchers ticket

How often do lottery players buy a Scratcher only to win the amount that the ticket cost them? That wasn’t the case for one lucky lotto player in Ventura.

New Dad and Retiree Win Big in California Lotto

Salvador Cardenas walked into the California Lottery’s Van Nuys district office calm and collected holding a $5 million-winning Scratchers ticket, according to a California Lottery press release issued Thursday.

Cardenas kept his composure until lottery officials asked how his newfound wealth would help him. As he held back his tears, he told officials that he would like to use the money to help his father.

"Cardenas didn’t need to say much more for us to know how important this big win was for him and his family," lotto officials said.

California Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Comes Forward

The winner’s father isn’t the only one who will benefit from the jackpot though. Clark’s Liquor at 1703 North Ventura Avenue will receive a $25,000 for selling the winning ticket.

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