Southern California

Lunar Fanatics, Brace For the Last Blue Moon Until 2020

Look up Saturday night, Southern California

The observation of two full moons in the same month is a rare occurrence. However, Saturday, March 31, Southern California residents will be able to see this phenomenon known as the "blue moon."

This blue moon will be the second observed in the year, but it will also be the last. Another blue moon is not expected to happen until October 2020.

The first blue moon of the year appeared on Jan. 31, which coincided with the lunar eclipse of the super blue blood moon. Despite what the name suggests, viewers should not take the term literally.

"A blue moon is two full moons in one month," NBC4 meteorologist Anthony Yanez says.

Lunar fanatics will get the best view by facing east when the moon rises or west when it is about to set.

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