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Butlers, Bentleys and Botox: New Luxury Apartments Coming

Botox in house, Rolls Royce rides, and teams of butlers are just some of the perks available to renters at a new luxury tower that's being built on the border of Century City and Beverly Hills.

Ten Thousand Santa Monica, labeled as such for its address at 10000 Santa Monica Blvd., has onlookers driving by, curious about its construction over the last three years.

It is close to completion Monday, with a scheduled open date of January, bringing with it some unbelievable amenities.

The 283-unit luxury apartment building boasts spectacular views, rides in a Rolls Royce and a Bentley, an area where you can get Botox treatments from your doctor, and an indoor pool with underwater speakers. The amenities will rival the ultra-luxurious high rises in New York.

But all that comes with a price.

The 40-story high rise's rent starts at $8,500 going all the way to $25,000 per month.

"Nowadays there are so many executives, there's so many people who are looking for this luxury, what we're doing is saving them time," Nikolay Tevekeliyski, general manager, said. "We're giving them comfort, we're giving them privacy. These are things that are really priceless in this market nowadays."

Residents will also have key cards that will trigger elevators to automatically to go the floors of their own apartments.

Workers at the apartment say Hollywood A-listers are already interested.

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