Big Rig Crash Shuts Down Lanes of 405 Freeway in Sepulveda Pass

Fiery big rig crash closes all lanes on southbound 405 Freeway in Sepulveda Pass.

On Monday, a major crash involving a big rig truck and a Honda Accord affected both sides of the 405 freeway, north of Mulholland Drive, in the Sepulveda Pass.

The driver of the big rig told California Highway Patrol that he was cut off by another motorist when he was trying to change lanes. The motion caused the semi-truck driver to hit the Freeway's median and roll onto the Honda.

Four people suffered injuries in the crash, with the driver of the Honda Accord suffering serious burns and in critical condition. However, no fatalities occured thanks in large part to good Samaritans stepping up and rescuing survivors of the wreck as flames emerged.

In fact, a group of men and women from the National Guard happened to be in the vicinity after returning from a ROTC training mission and helped pull injured people from the vehicles as a blaze was starting.

The crash featured the big rig dumping its load from the north 405, where the crash occurred, onto the south 405. All south 405 lanes were temporarily closed, though one lane was opened at approximately 3:30 p.m.

At approximately, 4:20 p.m. two lanes were opened on the south 405 to help ease traffic congestion. Soon after, three lanes were opened in both directions. When the evening arrived, the majority of lanes on both sides of the freeway had opened with crews expecting to wrap up work by midnight.

As would be expected, the closed lanes on such a heavy section of the 405 freeway caused traffic in the area as drivers searched for alternative routes.

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