Man Accused of Putting Bodily Fluid in Co-Worker's Food, Water Bottle

A Palmdale man is facing battery and vandalism charges for allegedly harassing a woman co-worker by ejaculating into her water bottles, putting semen in her honey jar and on her computer mouse, officials said Tuesday.

Stevens Millancastro, 27, allegedly began harassing his co-worker nearly a year ago at their La Palma office, between Nov. 24th, 2016 and Jan. 13, 2017, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

He faces more than two years in jail and possible lifetime registration on the sex offender registry since he is accused of “committing the crimes for the purpose of sexual gratification.”

The two had worked together since 2014. 

Twice Millancastro allegedly put his semen in the woman’s honey jar, which she used every other day without knowing that it had been contaminated, according to the DA’s office. He also contaminated her water bottles -- which she threw away each time because of a cloudy appearance.

When the victim reported this to her supervisor, a surveillance camera was set up and appeared to show Millancastro going into her office.

On Jan. 23, she touched her computer mouse and found bodily fluids were on it and her keyboard, the DA’s office said.

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