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Man Alleges Model Scammed Him for $500,000 Over Decade

Since 2009, the man sent $45,000 annually to the model, the suit states

A wealthy 75-year-old man is suing a model he alleges used pleas for financial help to coerce him into giving her $500,000 over a 10-year period, threatening to ruin his reputation if he stopped sending her money.

Diarmuid Hogan's Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit dubs 32-year-old Jacqueline Frances Moore of Los Angeles a "prototypical scam artist" who uses "feigned love" and false statements to prey on the vulnerabilities of her victims.

The suit, filed Friday, alleges financial elder abuse, theft, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, false promise and undue influence. He seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

A representative for Moore could not be immediately reached. Hogan, who lives in South Carolina, and Moore met in 2009 at an event in New York City, where she worked for a modeling agency, when he was 65 years old and she was 23, the suit states. Moore approached Hogan and said she "was struggling financially" and needed his help, the suit states.

Moore "appealed to Mr. Hogan's kindness and good nature as well as by implying that they might have a sexual relationship," according to the lawsuit.

Hogan was unaware that Moore "is a con woman who realized that Mr. Hogan was an easy mark for purposes of extracting money from him," his suit states.

Beginning in 2009 and ending this year, Hogan sent $45,000 annually to Moore, the suit states. Moore contacted Hogan for money by using the Internet, sending texts and utilizing social media, his suit states. His funds paid for her move from New York to Los Angeles and for an apartment in that city, the suit states.

Moore told Hogan she needed help in paying for schooling, attorneys' fees and her lifestyle, according to the complaint.

To convince Hogan to pay, Moore sent him live camera chat sessions in which she touched herself in a sexual way, the suit states.

Moore took advantage of the lonely Hogan by saying such things as "I love you," "I care for you" and "I need you," the suit states.

Moore also tried to shame Hogan by talking about his erectile dysfunction and by bragging about the sexual prowess of her boyfriend, the suit states.

Moore obtained leverage over Hogan by threatening to sue him and by saying she would tell his daughter and grandchildren about their dealings and ruin his good character and name if he did not pay her, the suit states.

"Moore's pattern of abuse and fraud was undetected by Mr. Hogan until approximately December 2018, as he wanted desperately to believe he was in a real relationship with Moore," the suit states.

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